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"I'm Joff, founder of Lifewise Wellbeing. Over the last ten years I have developed Lifewise Wellbeing and supported many people (younger and adult) to regain control and be the master of their own lives. I believe we are beings of connection, expansion, love, kindness, compassion and cooperation, but are living the near opposite. Lifewise Wellbeing helps individuals explore and develop the tools to help themselves and come back to balance." JT


"People do not need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power and how to use it" Anon 

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Joff's Story

Joff started out as a qualified youth worker and following a serious, yet miraculous car crash spurring on urgency to support others further - deep synchronicities started to happen.  Followed years later by a spiritual awakening in late 2013; he was 'encouraged' into a world he loved but knew little about.  A world of metaphysics, the weird and wonderful, of sound, light, vibration and the quest to balance the spiritual, emotional and physical.  Following subtle and not so subtle guidance he started to explore healing, metaphysics and the esoteric in order to understand how to support the 'whole' person and not just a symptom or body part.  Over the years he listened, read, investigated, trained and practiced a wide range of alternative practices both new and old and slowly integrated this into life.  Following this Joff took what he had learnt and started to incorporate a 'wholistic' (the person a whole, not sperate), taking the approach into Lifewise Wellbeing...with incredible results.

Over time, Joff trained in Quantum Touch Healing and started to see the wonderful results of this gentle energy healing method, becoming a professional practitioner in 2018.  He became proficient and qualified in numerology, Lifeforce Energy Healing, Mudras for healing and spirit, NLP, holistic therapies and used all these techniques, both in his own life and as he supported individuals through 1-2-1 coaching in the early days of Lifewise Wellbeing. 


From this, he started to developed different workshops, talks, teaching and coaching that would eventually become the Lifewise Master Programme, a full-spectrum personal refinement teaching/sharing system, supporting people to re-discover innate skills and abilities to feel confident and in control of their own lives.  In a world of increasing pressure, as anxiety looms around every corner where we can feel powerless, Lifewise Wellbeing is needed now more than ever, to help individuals navigate personal and societal challenges, learn to let go and create long lasting change - to feel free and focussed. 

It is possible to feel strong, happy and confident, even after troubled times.  It is possible to process emotions without them consuming you.  It is possible to get back to balance.  As someone who's been on this weird, wild ride, I look forward to helping you clear the path on yours.

Ask yourself.  What am I waiting for?  



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07787 124452 or 07700 159707

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