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Lifecode Numerology Masterclass

“I had the great pleasure of undergoing a Masterclass with Joff.  Utterly fascinating knowledge that is extremely valuable to every individual.  If you have a life on earth then you need to know this information.  Joff also teaches you how to apply your new knowledge which will help you solve life problems and unravel your relationships with others."

Jacquie Wells, UK


Unlock the mysteries of the universe and discover the profound insights hidden within numbers with our comprehensive Lifecode Numerology Workshops.


Our transformative workshops delve into the ancient art of numerology, revealing how numbers can influence your personality, relationships and life path. Guided by our expert numerologist, you will learn to calculate and interpret your personal numerology chart, understand the significance of key numbers and apply these insights to achieve greater harmony and purpose.


Whether you're a curious beginner or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, our courses offer a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Embark on this enlightening journey and empower yourself with the tools to navigate life with clarity and confidence.


Reach personal transformation in spiritual, physical and emotional health.


Numerology was popularised by Pythagoras more than 2,500yrs ago, knowing that number held meaning…and still holds true today.  Even the bible itself has a book of numbers!!  

In 2017 when I started helping people facing burnout, tension, relationship and work issues it was clear that using certain life tools were repeatedly helping clients make better decisions and the Lifecode Method being one such tool.

Lifecode Masterclass part1, online 1-2-1

Take a deep dive into your life, beyond what you previously thought about yourself.  Investigative your life blueprint and whilst we're here...

  • Learn what natural traits and attributes you came in to this life with 

  • Identify life challenges, challenging areas and areas for improvement 

  • Learn numbers 0-9 meanings in detail

  • Create your own birth chart 

  • Discover the meaning of gaps in the birth chart

  • Discover the meaning of duplicate and isolated numbers

  • Link findings to that of others in your life (more detail on this in part 2) 

This Masterclass will leave you in awe on the magnitude of your existence.  Capable of making you speechless and wondering just how come this is so very accurate.  Feel connected to the broader 'you' and those around you. 


Sign up now for your 1-2-1 Lifecode Masterclass. 


This 1.5hr Masterclass is packed with insight, fun and enlightening discoveries.




Wet the appetite and enjoy our FREE webinar taking you through the early stages of Lifecode Method birth chart. 

In this video you will learn...

  • Extraordinary life tools: How your date of birth (your Lifecode) can be used to accurately better understand yourself, your strengths and areas for development

  • Reveal: Hidden messages using your Lifecode and then interpret them

  • Better positioned: Use your Lifecode to dramatically enhance and improve close relationships

Live Lifecode Masterclass,

Level 1 Masterclass 1-2-1


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