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Master Programme

A powerful teaching program created to recognise, learn and live the human you were supposed to be, not the token accepted. 


Become the super power version of yourself you once dreamed of in this comprehensive all in one Master Programme.  By the end of this Programme you will have the tools, strategies, experience and support required to level up your life a thousand fold. 

"People do not need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power and how to use it"

- Anonymous - 

Unlock your super power to new heights.  

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What we do

The Lifewise Master Program is an online intensive, teaching, whole person, wellbeing program designed for you to consistently level up in every aspect of life - what I call Whole Person Refinement.  Using a blended approach of teaching, coaching and mentoring you will reach new heights of what it means to be human. 


The program consists of x6, 9 or 12 sessions @ 1-1.5hrs online sessions that lift your life beyond measure, opening your eyes and mind to a more Universal you to help live this physical life with ease.  A life linked to the grander picture.  Then bringing you back into balance with your inner self - your core, helping to rediscover deeper meaning to your life.  Learn time honoured life quality enhancing mind, body and soul techniques from sleep to waking states, set personal goals and achieve essential, long lasting, positive transformation, unlocking new experiences that meet you as you level up - just watch, it's inevitable. 


Our stories create life as we know it; past experiences, trauma - even briefest moments can create negative thought patterns, trapping us in yesterday's yesterday. These stories play over and over again, preventing us from moving forward creating the barriers and reasons as to why not live life the way we know we could.  The great news is, we can create new pathways and let go of the ones that no longer serve us.  We just need the right tools, support and guidance to do so...and that's just the beginning. 

How will it help?

The Lifewise Master Program will help you, step by step to understand and surpass those thought patterns, heal the past and clear the path to new positive patterns.  The Lifewise Master Program offers a unique approach to personal development and wellness delivered in a dedicated, well experienced, encouraging and friendly manner, getting positive results - fast.  Reducing and removing feelings of tension, overwhelm, anxiety, disconnection from self, others and the world about you; relationship concerns, feelings of loss and physical and emotional pain.  Ideal for anyone who has found traditional western methods of limited value and are looking for something very different with tools, strategies and teachings the last a lifetime - in fact, many. 

Are looking to...

- Gain knowledge on yourself to FastTrack personal wellbeing

- Heal blocked energy to live free and focussed

- Reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm

- Reduce or eliminate pain or illness (emotional and physical) 

- Enhance spiritual growth

- Live authentically you 

- Improve personal relationships

- Increase energy levels

What the Master Program covers

The Lifewise Master Program includes the 5 Pillars to Success;

  1. Freedom Personified - we are not free until we know who and what we are - pierce the veil and know who you are

  2. Whole Person Health - from waking to sleep states, we cover it all for whole person performance

  3. Master of Relationships - dramatically improve relationships with yourself and others 

  4. Heart-brain Coherence - everything working together ensures your vibration is maintained well - vibration matters 

  5. Lifewise Toolbox - tools and strategies to see you long past the programme, for you to draw upon anytime, any situation

**Bonus Content**

Quantum Touch energy healing (distant healing) sessions

Lifecode Method (numerology birth chart and Coaching)

Ongoing 1:1 support past the programme

Facebook community group 


Silver package

6 weeks intensive @ £3000

Gold package

9 weeks intensive @ £4000

Platinum package

12 weeks intensive @ £5000

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