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A Journey Begins

A tale of Lifewise Collective beginings and why now?

Are games being played? Are we playing ourselves?

I'm having a 'shadow' day. Are we being played by those (organisations and systems) put in place to maintain a certain way of being? This wouldn't be so bad if it was a construct that worked alongside nature and our natural way of being - lending to long-term personal, spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

"Happy, strong and healthy" as Mr Wim Hof will tell you with vigor and a smile.

One just needs to look around their own 'sphere' to see the fractured relationships (to self and others); separation from nature; a look to anything outside of ourselves to get our kicks; the cajoling programming we 'choose' to watch - entertained and otherwise distracted while going down the metaphorical plug hole; the technocracy we buy into and so much more - pick an angle.

It's not pretty the mess we're in and the world we've created that goes against the very planet/home we inhabit.

"It's like we're all children playing with our toys while the house is on fire" Anon

Things rapidly need to change and throughout all I have been privy to, everything points to the knowing of the self and working on the inner journey (not religious, personal) and only in that way do we have the ability to genuinely work together with all our foibles, quirks and diverse ways towards saving our a*ses. As those currently 'in charge' really don't seem all that capable of truly representing the best of who we are.

What does the 'inner journey' mean? It took me an age to see through the conditioning that keeps us entertained while we're going down the plug hole and see that it's ourselves that have ability to keep ourselves on top whilst the actions of others seek to do otherwise.

I used to think people were in place because they have come before us, they have figured it all out, they know what to do, they would look out for us and give us the best start as they know the young inherit the Earth. It's not quiet as easy, simple or clear cut as that. Unconscious decision making, lack of compassion, lovingkindness, the struggle for power, the corruption, control and above all fear has all but paralysed the masses and we're in deep trouble - energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Now it's very much overt...yet this is not the way we have to go. What do you to kill a houseplant? You ignore it, walk away, stop feeding it, take away your focus from it - just ask Cleve Baxter (get digging). In the meantime, love your plants, they love you when you love them - fact.

The Earths lungs are struggling (trees), Earth's waters are polluted (pick a pollutant), her skies are smudged and we don't know how to know how to do anything about it...or do we?

  • 'Green' Inventions are created all the time, we're clever like that (Tesla Coil, water engines, other wonderful inventions that put out more than needed to start. However patents bought up and nothing/a token gesture released and then we're all jumped on for climate change when it's definitely not us 'average' folk who are the main contributors. Perception maybe?

  • 'Alternative' medical methodologies are used everyday (intention, placebo, prayer, acupressure/puncture, frequency, energy healing, the list is colossal). Still the only one system allowed to be rolled out officially is one that causes more harm than good. Stockholm syndrome anyone?

  • 'Alternative' learning/education is on the increase yet parents are punished financially and physically for said child not tuning up to school. When the troubled outweigh the sorted, we're in deep...and we're in deep! Schools need their league tables shiny so the best are looked after while the challenging come a close second leaving the majority in the middle struggling for attention and worth. A different model required maybe?

We could literally be here all day ebbing and flowing on how the very few oppressors cleverly control untold numbers of people in a wide number of creative ways.

Therefore it can only be the self that you can work on; little by little and the knock on effect of your positive changes ripple like stones in a pond - just ask Mr Rupert Sheldrake, PhD and his amazing work on morphic resonance.

As it goes we are changing; we are crossing over from Piscies to Aquarius rendering great change (the fish on the back of your car anyone!); 2012 was a landmark year - no we didn't all blow up as Hollywood (Holly Wood - wands of mystery anyone?) would have us all talk about, generating a thick, negative vibration over something that has fundamentally changed you already. Did something else happen, for our growth rather than not? Did a number of cultures on Earth and other all come up with the same lie, at the same time?

Yes life is a mixed bag and if we chose to be here then do we have to hold ourselves responsible for our actions...on the micro and macro levels? All points to yes. We are of vibration and therefore our individual vibration adds to the collective vibration. Now if we are feeling unconscious in our decision making, stressed, reactionary, looking outside for inner needs then the individual, therefore collective vibration is slow, thick and heavy - this is where we are now in early 2019 (have been for some time now). However once you have spotted an issue it's good to take measures to correct it - yourself...for your own journey...adding the to the collective. See it's easy.

I wish us all well; may our eyes by truly open (to the dark and the light); may we be responsible for ourselves and others (all sentient beings) in our decision making; may we be aware we have forgotten to meditate, love ourselves, smile, get our own results - watch your own space first.

Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha

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