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Healing Stones


Making dis-ease go away from the myths it came from.


Are you feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, empty or dis-eased?  We often need a little help and guidance to light our way.  Metaphysicoaching is a great way to implement change on your terms, working at speed on what you feel is important and that which you may have missed.  Getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

"People don't need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power and how to use it" Anon


This is the Lifewise Wellbeing approach to wellness.


What is Metaphysicoaching?

I coined this term to fit best my approach to helping reduce and dissipate dis-ease in people.  Metaphysical means 'above the physical', and therefore my approach is to work with people is as a whole - that which entails our varied energy systems, environment and influences as well as the physical in what I call The Whole Person Approach. 

Metaphysicoaching is a great way to implement positive, lasting change.  Working with the change you feel but unable to manifest.  All that's required is your commitment to yourself and a real good Metaphysicoach.  Book that call. 


Lifewise Metaphysicoaching offers positive-impact,1-2-1 online sessions (or in person if local) to support challenging times, to live free and fulfilled.



Lewis, UK

“I was skeptical thinking that Lifewise Coaching could take away my ticks but they have simply gone!  The usual triggers don't work - I've tried.  I am so grateful and just in time for my start of University"

Monet, UK

"Speaking with you offered me a different perspective from every other mental health professional has tried to offer me. You helped me understand myself better."

Tyron, Ger.

“My close relationships have transformed beyond recognition.  I want to come home of a day.  I got far more than I bargained a good way.”


One to One Personal Coaching

x12 sessions @ £996

One to One Personal Coaching

x1 session @ £90

Group Coaching

**Best offer**

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