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Sound, light and vibration

A good subject to get in early. It takes sound to create a vibration, and vibration to create light. As above, so below; when we make a sound>vibration>we create. Energy is the driving force, which creates resonance, which serves as a beacon and attracts something of similar vibration, creating harmony (for good and not so good and everything in-between). All musical instruments do this, including us.

Sound/vibration/light doesn't stop, it continues (for all we know, infinitely - an no we can't get our finite head around that so no need to worry or focus there too much), but our everything doesn't stop, it changes and leaves us but make no mistake, it's still the aether.

Why do I mention this? It's the quality of what we're telling ourselves (in thought, voice and action) that creates the environment we live in and not the other way around. If the quality of vibration is high/light then we are that way - tripping on cloud 9, eating better and knowing and loving it; clarity of thought; a radiance in being; feeling the ease and richness of life while the billboards, TV, radio, console games, newspapers etc will tell us otherwise; quality of relationships and importance of quality of conversation. It's all there to be seen and felt.

We are in a time of radical change and having been given my own version of a wake up call, my eyes are open and I'm doing the best work to work towards the best version of the best self I can be. I know I have darkness. I know this needs integrating rather than shunning. I know you are important to me. Do you? Are you doing your awareness work yet? Sometimes sucks does it not? But the rewards...oh the rewards - I call them chapters and they are truly felt. Do I slip? Yep. Do I know and repair this when I do? That is the work and it's ongoing.

Have you witnessed the eating habits of your close ones change?

Have you witnessed the badies getting more crazy/desperate?

Have you witnessed the connection of people

Have you witnessed the skills we have just sitting still in meditation?

I will liken my personal journey (and similar to that of others going through the same at this time) to my relationship with skating (skateboarding). Since the age of 6 I've loved the plank of wood (fibreglass at the time) with wheels on it. Kooky for some but make no mistake, it hurts; you will fall...on repeat; you are rubbish at first and for quite some time so it takes tenacity, patience, vision, desire and determination to progress and meet that expectation your cartoon head tells you when you are lying on your pillow at night. See what's happening? They're not separate. One thing stirs up the other.

I still skate. The family that skate feels it - across all 'borders'...again, there aren't any...really. No matter how good one gets one remembers what it was like to learn....because we're still doing it - only the skill level is higher, therefore the risk, therefore the reward.

This is my journey but this clearly isn't about just skating. I am blessed and I am grateful.

Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

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