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Who breathes who?

Listening to Dr Jacob Liberman on THC (The Higherside Chats) he discussed a subject that got me responding. His forte is the eyes, light and bettering ourselves in general - his story is genuine and really quite something. Gregg Carlwood (THC) does the intro's of kings so check out his podcast/Youtube Channel for just how impressive this man is...or just find Dr JL at his website. He doesn't hype himself as much as Gregg manages, it's impressive.

In life we are in control of very little...very little. We think we are but we're really we're not - that bit is an illusion...another one. The more we try, the more we can't. Ever said, "Oh man, it's on the tip of my tongue"? Then the more you think about the thing, the more it eludes you? Then you stop thinking about it and, pooomph! There it is! The thinking actually got in the way; the answer came without your input - it was easy, really easy. We place far too much value in the realm of thinking and the results that come with it rather than the value of the experience itself....which is arguable why we're here?

Behind the thoughts and the thinker. Ekhart Tolle did a fantastic job on this subject in his book The Power of Now (and others)...and not to worry this is linked to the title of the article I promise. One is aware that one thinks, right? Mind chatter. So you cannot be your thoughts. You are also not the actions (Karma) that comes from these thoughts - however one is in direct relationship with them. Who is doing what? It's well worth considering what is it that is behind the thinker/the thinking. It is still, presence, never saying anything. Not this, not that but always witnessing; witnessing all we experience. Who's learning what here and why?

If we are the presence that is witnessing the experiences we have then what does this mean for the rest of our 'physical' body? We don't organise the breathing; we don't run the various systems in the body; we can barely run the average weekday without something going wrong. Our body is (as well we know) a very complex set-up that simply does not require us to run it - yet the illusion and the paradox/contradiction is that we require 'food' to sustain ourselves.

I mean, I'm hungry right now sitting here with a rumbly tum so I will feed it but I appreciate there's not enough food in any one sitting that by volume gives our bodies all the fuel it needs to keep its job up...especially when ones food is of high taste and low quality - you know who you are. So what does it mostly need? Light.

Get outside and get some brightness on you. Shut your eyes and look at the sun; expose large parts of yourself that wont get you arrested, burned (that's just stupid)...or get arrested for all I care, you are simply taking on your body's vital fuel...the very stuff we're made from.

To deny ourselves this starves our bodies and creates least we got entertainment whilst on our way down. I apologise for sounding Lordy Lordy but we really need to better at being better, because we're crap at it.

So. who breathes who? Is it you that's breathing all that air (fresh or air con)? I mean the lungs are working so I guess so. The trees and plants give out oxygen and we in turn give Co2, it's a pretty good relationship. Sorry to all Mother Gaia we have shat on and continue to do so - may we wake up soon. Or is it something else that's breathing us? Are we a part of something greater that requires us to simply be?


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